We are a team of people with extensive professional experience, and we will help you arrange nearly everything you desire. We offer a professional approach, reliability, discretion, speed, and flexibility. Each project is handled individually, according to the client's needs because we know that even seemingly insignificant details ultimately create something unique. We are confident that we will impress you with our creativity, innovation, own resources, and lower prices compared to the competition, while maintaining independence in terms of quality.

hard work
achieving results


Creative design

Our designed set elements infuse a mesmerizing ambiance into a wide range of events. 


We confidently meet our clients' needs and execute events of all sizes, leveraging our expertise in custom production.  

Precise execution

Our teams pay attention to detail and uphold  standards to guarantee that each element shines and leaves a lasting impression.

Efficient logistics

Thanks to our coordination, as well as our fleet of vehicles, we ensure that every event runs like clockwork, without a hitch.


We uphold a strong sense of professionalism in every project, striving for excellence in our execution.

Achieving goals

All these elements contribute to the flawless execution of successful events, creating an amazing experience tailored just for you.

At the inception of our company stood the idea of professionals with creative and innovative thinking.  

Meet Our Team

Vaclav Motejzik

Project Manager

Vaclav is responsible for the preparation, cost estimation, and coordination of individual projects.  

Lenka Vlckova


Lenka is in charge of all design and creative activities for individual projects. 

Katerina Prihodova

Contact person 

Katerina is in charge of all communication platforms. Please direct your questions to her.

And let's not forget to mention, our company collaborates with countless amazing and creative individuals, without whom we could not operate. We are truly grateful to them.